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" have room for; hold without crowding; "This hotel can accommodate 250 guests"; "The theater admits 300 people"; "The auditorium can't hold more than 500 people approval If you describe someone as accommodating, you like the fact that they are willing to do things in order to please you or help you.

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Wordlist Dutch-English (Modern), à = a, at, at the rate of, per aai = ai, sloth, caress, chuck, stroke, ai, three-toed sloth aaien = caress, chuck, fondle, stroke aak = maple, sycamore, barge, boat aakschipper = bargemaster aal = eel, ale, elver, liquid manure, muck-water, stale aalachtig = eel-like aalbes = currant, currant, currant bush, currant, red currant aalbesseblad = currant-leaf aalbesseboom = currant, currant bush aalbesseboompje = currant, currant bush aalbessenjam = currant-jam aalbessenjenever = black currant gin aalbessenvla = currant custard, currant custard aalbessesap = currant juice aalbessestruik = currant, currant bush aalduiker = grebe, grebe aalfuik = eel-pot, eel-trap aalgeer = eelspear aalglad = slippery as an eel aalmoes = alms, charity aalmoezenier = chaplain, army chaplain, padre, almoner, chaplain, army chaplain, padre aalmoezeniershuis = almshouse, almonry, workhouse aalpastei = eel-pie aalschaar = eelspear aalscholver = cormorant aalspeer = eelspear Aalst = Alost aalsvel = eelskin aalt = liquid manure, muck-water, stale aaltje = nematode a-al-tolletje = put-and-take top, teetotum aalvork = eelspear aalvormig = anguilliform, eel-shaped aalwaardig = fretful, morose, peevish, sullen, simple, straightforward aalwarig = fretful, morose, peevish, sullen, simple, straightforward aam = aum aambei = haemorrhoid, hemorrhoid, pile aambeien = haemorhoids aamborstig = asthmatic, wheezy aamborstigheid = asthma, shortness of breath, wheeziness, asthma, shortness of breath, wheeziness aan = at, to, toward, towards, at, beside, by, near, nearby, near to, next to, by, from, of, since, a, in, inside, into, on, per, within, upon, by means of, through, with, after, behind, about, concerning, above, over, beside, with aanaarden = earth, earth up, hill, hill up aan alle kanten = on every side aanbakken = fur aanbeeld = anvil aanbeeldbeentje = anvil, incus aanbeeldbeitel = hardy aanbeeldsbeentje = anvil, incus aanbeeldvogel = small woodpecker aanbehorend = accessory aanbelanden = end up aanbelang = concern aanbelangen = concern, relate aanbellen = give a ring, ring, ring the bell, give a ring, ring, ring the bell aanbesteden = invite tenders for, put out to tender, invite tenders for, put out to tender aanbesteding = tender, public tender aanbetaling = initial deposit, instalment, down payment, first instalment, down payment aanbevelen = commend, recommend, register aanbevelenswaard = recommendable aanbevelenswaardig = recommendable aanbeveling = recommendation aanbevelingsbrief = letter of introduction, letter of recommendation aanbevolen = recommended aanbiddelijk = adorable aanbidden = adore, worship aanbiddenswaardig = adorable aanbidder = adorer, worshipper aanbidding = adoration, worship, adoration, worship aanbidster = adorer, female adorer, worshipper, female worshipper aanbieden = offer, offer up, sacrifice, bid, make an offer of, act, introduce, present, perform, tender, present with, advance, propose, suggest aanbieding = offer, presentation, presentation, tender, proposal aanbinden = fasten, moor, tie, tie on, begin, commence, start aanblaffen = bay at, bark at aanblazen = fan, blow aanblijven = stay on, continue in office, remain in office aanblik = appearance, aspect, look, sight, view, exterior, look aanbod = offer, tender, presentation, proposal aan boord = aboard, on board aan boord gaan = embark aan boord van = aboard aanboren = bore, broach, sink, strike, tap aanbouw = building aanbouwen = add aanbranden = stick to the pan aanbreken = break into, broach, cut into, begin, commence, start aanbreken van de dag = dawn, daybreak aanbrengen = accommodate, adapt, adjust, attune, fix, fit, mount, place, tune, bring, fetch, accuse, denounce, give an account, report, recruit aandacht = acuity, advertence, advertency, attention aandachtig = attentive, attentively, attentive aandacht schenken aan = pay attention to, take account of, take into account aan de = the, to the aan de achterkant = at the back, behind aan de andere kant = on the other hand aandeel = share, share, share aandeel aan toonder = bearer share, share to bearer aandeelhouder = shareholder aandeelhouderschap = shareholdership aandeel op naam = registered share aan de grond lopen = strand aan de grond raken = sink aan de hand zijn = come about, happen, occur aandelenkapitaal = share-capital aandenken = keepsake, memento, souvenir, keepsake, memento, souvenir, memory, recollection aan de overkant = across, opposite aan de overkant van = opposite, opposite, across, beyond, on the other side of aan de praat krijgen = put on, start, switch on, turn on aan de rechterkant = on the right aan de rechterzijde = on the right aan de rol zijn = debauch aan de scharrel zijn = flirt, flit, flutter aan de schouder brengen = level aan de slag = away we go, let's start aan de wandel zijn = go for a walk, stroll aandienen = advertise, announce, give notice aandikken = thicken, blow up, heighten aandoen = affect, turn on, call at, activate, cause, give rise to, affect, agitate, move, put on, switch, turn on aandoening = affection, emotion, emotion, ailment, disease, illness, ailment, disease aandoenlijk = affecting, moving, touching, seized with emotion aan d'r = her, to her aandraaien = fasten, tighten, turn, turn on, switch, turn on aandragen = bring, fetch aandrang = crush, access, impetus, impulse, insistence, pressure, urgency, insistence, pressure, urgency, congestion, congestion, rush aandrift = access, impetus, impulse, instinct aandrijfas = drive shaft, driving axle aandrijven = be washed ashore, chase, drive, drive on, impel, shoo, actuate aandrijving = drive aandringen = insist aandrukken = press, press firmly aanduiden = indicate, suggest, indicate, point out, show aanduiding = index, indication aandurven = dare to fight, stand up to, dare, venture aanduwen = push aaneen = co-, fellow, together, at a stretch, for ...

Stereoskopide; insan gözünün, stereoskopik görüş için, iki şekli birbiri üzerine oturtma kabiliyeti Whatever supplies a want or affords ease, refreshment, or convenience; anything furnished which is desired or needful; -- often in the plural; as, the accommodations -- that is, lodgings and food -- at an inn - Sir W.

Scott the process in which people adjust or change their understanding to incorporate aspects of an experience not currently represented in the cognitive structure i e - changing and adapting your existing ways of thinking/schema to fit the world e g the baby has to adapt its sucking movements if it is to learn to drink out of a cup is the involuntary act of the eyes' crystalline lens to add extra strength to the vision optical system assisting in the capacity to focus on objects nearby; aging of the crystalline lens causes a reduced accommodative ability called "presbyopia"; strength added to lenses to counter presbyopia is call "the add" an adjustment, change, or adaptation made to an assessment or the process of administering an assessment to students with special needs This term generally refers to changes that do not significantly alter what the test measures It results from a student need and it is not intended to give the student an unfair advantage All accommodations must be identified in the student's IEP (CEC and the Learning Network 2000-2001) A stretching or relaxing of the eye muscles, which causes a change in focal length of the crystalline lens, thereby producing clear images on the retina of objects that are relatively near the eye Without the ability to accommodate, the image of the object would blur An action by one individual or legal entity that is taken as a favor, without any consideration, for another individual or legal entity [ITDS] The lending of one person's good name or credit standing to a second person with no compensation in order that the second person may borrow money from a third person Historically, accommodation meant the making of a loan by one person to a second person who lacks sufficient collateral but has the backing of a third person [OTS] A term correctly used in the context of public accommodations and facilities; an individual with a disability may not be excluded, denied services, segregated or otherwise treated differently than other individuals by a public accommodation or commercial facility; (term is not to be confused with "reasonable accommodation") A strategy for economic policy in which the central bank does not counteract but reinforces the consequences of a shock For example, consider an adverse supply shock that boosts inflation A policy of accommodation would not increase real interest rates to fight inflation, but would instead allow real interest rates to fall and so further boost inflation The ability to focus your eyes at different distances Accommodation works with vergence; it is a neuromuscular process To accommodate for clear vision at various distances the lens in our eye actually changes shape The somewhat gelatinous material of the lens is "stretched" or "squashed" due to muscle actions within the eye, this change in shape changes the power of the lens A camera lens that can zoom in and out simulates this idea The eye's ability to adjust focus on objects at varying distances See Near point of accommodation and accommodative facility Behavioural theory suggests that focusing is closely related to the identification mechanism which ensures that the object under scrutiny is the most clearly seen ensuring it remains the centre of attention See near point of accommodation and accommodative facility Adjustment of the focusing power of the eye to see objects clearly over a range of distances Achieved by change in the shape of the crystalline lens There is a reduction in focusing ability with age (presbyopia) The ability of the eye to change focus from distant objects to objects closer than optical infinity, approximately 20 feet (6 meters) Like when driving and you switch from looking down the road to reading the speedometer Accommodation is achieved when the lens shape is changed by small muscles around the lens pushing and pulling Whatever supplies a want or affords ease, refreshment, or convenience; anything furnished which is desired or needful; -- often in the plural; as, the accommodations -- that is, lodgings and food -- at an inn Accommodation is used to refer to buildings or rooms where people live or stay.

We use these words very often when we describe things and we often find them in dictionary definitions: Kind of and sort of are very common expressions in speaking.

They soften other words and phrases so that they do not appear too direct or exact.

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