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The company has launched a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo “to help you get past first base”.The chatbots would be programmed to remember everything the human lover has said and done so that it can recall and respond appropriately – or inappropriately – whichever you wish.From this point, while titles don’t exactly arrive thick and fast, the topic does sustain a creative interest: Electric Dreams (1986), S1m0ne (2002), Be Right Back (part of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror 2013) and Her (2014).This being Drozbot, it’d be remiss if we didn’t focus on the manifestation of the lover and, as such, the advances surrounding physical, robotic companions.What we did have, though, was one desktop computer per household, loads of time, and a need to be as annoying and naughty as possible with very few resources and without leaving the house.Mostly that just meant getting banned from Habbo Hotel and killing people on while we got drunk off stolen Pimm's.

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despite the geekiness of the loebner prize competition, the “professional ai community” apparently doesn't see it as worth much consideration.

richard wallace of san francisco has been working on since 1995; a.l.i.c.e. the loebner prize contest is run by the cambridge center for behavioral studies, the recipient of loebner's prize-money donation.

each contest can award three medals (actual medals are given): bronze and us,000 is given for the most human-like entry; silver and ,000 is given for a text-based program that half the judges think is human; gold and 0,000 goes to a speech-based system that fools half the judges.

Philip K Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep honed his boundary blurring work with androids, and is included here as a result of the conflicted sexual dynamics between Deckard and Rachel.

Up to this point, though, it’s still a very male dominated space – as proven by the lurid image from Peril magazine above.

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