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And I'm willing to say that I wouldn't work for someone who would judge me negatively because of it.I got into it because of the interesting scaling problems and potential for wisdom-of-crowds filtering and selection. I've worked in the [adult] industry for over 8 years.There have been several documented instances of pre-teen children giving birth to children just in the last century.It's a shame when it needs to happen, but sometimes it's unavoidable,"added Earthworm - Jane, who joined Game - Crush just a few weeks prior to this interview.

She is often seen with a lit cigarette in her mouth, though not always.

Beatrice Santello, or better known as Bea, was Mae's childhood best friend until 7th grade, but soon grew apart until Mae's return to Possum Springs.

She is a member of the band playing on the drums/computer.

In itself nothing amazing, but when I asked, out of curiosity, what kind of images we were talking about, I was surprised to find out it was porn. Then they suddenly remembered they had something better to do. Does working on the adult part of the net mean I'm a scumbag? The adult industry does present interesting technical and scaling challenges, perhaps more interesting than building yet another line of business CRUD application for Yet Another Mega Corp. Anybody I've told in a professional or semi-professional setting has been impressed and wanted to know the technical details about our server setup and bandwidth.

A recent Reddit discussion thread which asked if you designed a porn site, would you put it on your resume? [Adult] sites have oodles of top-quality attributes to them; payment processing, secured content, username and password maintenance (especially self-service maintenance) rapid updates and, if your site was successful, some interesting scaling problems to engineer around. I have yet to meet anybody, friend or prospective employer who was turned off by the thought of my serving up [adult content].

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