Consolidating files

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These archives are stored in a folder that you select, in standard media and Premiere formats. (Though you can do that after consolidation, if you wish.)Transcoding allows us to take all the different video formats that we expect to use, or are currently using in a project, and convert them all to the same format.This can speed playback, decrease export times and assure that all our clips meet the same technical specs.This is because it simplifies our ability to archive projects, or allows us to optimize existing projects for better playback.Project consolidation is the easiest way to gather all our project assets into one location for archiving or long-term storage. You’ll want to create a new, ‘Master’ _Serato_ folder to which all info from the other libraries will be copied.Easiest way to do this is to open then close Serato DJ after you’ve renamed the _Serato_ folder on the internal hard drive of the computer you’re working on (This is to rule out the possibility of any corrupt files within the _Serato_ folder causing issues with your new, most likely much larger library) Serato DJ will build some (but not all) of the required folders when launched, some folders are built as they are needed.In this post, we’ll break down how to Consolidate the Library Media for your FCP X project so no files go missing when your remote edit team opens the project on their computers.

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These files can be massive (and take a long time to render), which will significantly slow down your upload process and the post-production process in general.

(See Screenshot above for default folders) You shouldn’t see a subcrates folder in your new _Serato_ folder just yet, so just copy and paste this folder and its contents into your new _Serato_ folder and you’re done.

(for the subcrates folder in _Serato_B / _Serato_C etc you’ll want to open the folder and just copy the .crate files across into this folder)folder from _Serato_A to the new _Serato_ folder.

Let me illustrate, using my latest project – – as an example.

This stunning romantic horror space western is gonna win awards in the future, so I want to preserve it. Even if Exclude Unused Clips is selected, if a portion of a clip is used in the project, the archive will contain the source clip.

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