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In Virginia Glenn Shriver (28) of Detroit pleaded guilty to trying to get a job with the Central Intelligence Agency in order to spy for China and to hiding contacts and money he got from Chinese intelligence agents.

The pre-colonial times Before Europeans ever set foot on Namibian soil, the territory was buzzing with activity.

Only one percent of individuals who commit crimes against Dalits are convicted.“It is not only the question of the district of Surkhet, but it is symptomatic of the situation in the whole country,” said Dalit and former parliamentary activist Binod Pahadi.

“There is a law against discrimination and for equality, but in practice there is a strong oppression of low caste people.”We were more than 200.

Japan’s famous brand of fashion and leisure general merchandise, MINISO, has arrived in Manila, Philippines and a lot of people are going crazy over the brand already.

We see a lot of shoppers lining in at MINISO’s cashier counter and these people are coming from different walks of life, as far as we can tell. Miyake Junya in 2013, is a leisured department store customizing “addiction” with fashion with a wide array of their own brand of products from home living, personal accessories, kids products, bags, to tech and gadget items. Andrew Ybardolaza, Communications Director, Sales and Marketing, explained to us the concept and brief history of MINISO when we visited the store last Sunday as it enjoyed its second day opening at Robinsons Place Manila.

According to Andrew, to keep up with latest and trendiest selection, MINISO maintains fast replenishment of items and making sure that new products are introduced on a weekly basis.

MINISO designs and manufactures commodities with ‘high quality and reasonable price.’ Products in the Philippine store are priced with the lowest at P99 and still with high-standard of quality. The design of MINISO is very simple yet chic and stylish, making it more appealing to millennials visiting the store.

O'Reilly claimed to be an archaeologist seeking to warn of the BP project's potential impact on archaeological sites.

Unfortunately only little is known about the history of these times, due to the fact that the Europeans were the first ones who ever sat down and wrote about what was happening.

Traces of the events of this time can however still be found in the rich oral traditions that circulate in local communities.

They are the lowest in India’s caste system and can get severely beaten for petty incidents.

The police will seldom intervene and complaints are ignored or never taken into account.

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