Itunes not opening since updating iphone

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Last year, Apple replaced i OS 9 with its i OS 10 operating system.And while most i OS 9-powered devices got bumped up to i OS 10, some devices, like the popular i Phone 4s, got left behind on the i OS 9.3.5 update.i OS 10, the newest operating system for the i Phone and i Pad and a free update for anyone with an i Pad 4 or later or an i Phone 5 or later, offers a raft of new features and various tweaks to the interface: but it's not all good news.Large numbers of people have installed i OS 10 and then hit a snag of some kind.

itunes not opening since updating iphone-71

Some users have reported that a previously happy Touch ID setup stopped working when they made the update to i OS 10.i Tunes add-ons can be found in this folder: ~/Library/i Tunes/i Tunes Plug-ins/.To find out the problematic add-on, close i Tunes, and move the add-ons to your desktop one at a time temporarily.If you’re stuck on i OS 9.3.5, you can’t download i OS 10 in an effort to fix problems. Those of you on i OS 9 by choice should consider upgrading to i OS 10 if trouble strikes.If you can’t get off i OS 9 or don’t want to upgrade to i OS 10, here’s list of potential fixes for your i OS 9 problems.

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