Norton not updating

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This can lead to slowed operation or even lock-ups of the computer.Installation note: Before installing any Norton product such as Norton Utilities or Internet Security, always uninstall the previous version first.Windows 8 apps will not install or update unless Windows Firewall is active. The Windows firewall definitely does not need to be active to install Windows 8 apps.I run Online Armor for firewall and Windows Firewall is deactivated by Online Armor. Are you getting an actual error message, when trying to install Windows 8 apps? My Windows Store icon states I have apps to update. I receive this message, "Windows Firewall service is not running". Norton Security Suite's firewall service is running.Norton assures me that the Identity Safe should be compatible, and it works fine in Internet Explorer.

If you get no response, you may want to grab the KO source yourself and step through it (if it even registers the input's being filled by Norton) to see where the problem lies.I have seen some other threads on here about how to "hack" a way around this but they are all pre-KO 3.2.0 which included the binding which looks like it should fix this issue, yet it does not.Is there any reason why text Input is not updating the observable value on autofill and have there been any new ways to get the value to update that aren't so "hacky".Using Firefox without the Identity Safe is so cumbersome and tedious that I may have to try Google Chrome or go back to Internet Explorer, although I have used Firefox ever since it first came out. Both were updated about a week ago, but these were partial solutions.It may be some time before Norton finishes its compatibility fixes.

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