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."The place and the position that I've had I feel a responsibility to take care of others, help tell more women's stories [and] get the word out there that women are complex, dynamic [and] interesting," Witherspoon told me in October.

No matter their preferred activity, the fans are devoted—and that includes many of the film’s stars.

She blisters and bleeds and recounts it all with unsparing honesty. The memoir also spawned no small migration of readers seeking their own redemptive experiences along that route, with the Pacific Crest Trail Association estimating a 30 percent bump in long-distance hikers since Knopf released the hardback in March 2012. Instead, they linger in places mentioned in the story, like Cascades Locks, Oregon, a town of 1,100 east of Portland, where Strayed ended her hike with an enormous soft-serve ice cream cone in 1995.

—FDR, can't believe his partner Tuck (Hardy) has no game with the ladies. Her pal Trish (Chelsea Handler) signs her up for online dating. They have no problem, however, bugging Lauren's home and putting heavy surveillance on each other's dates.

This Means War gleefully stirs together the spy caper and rom-com genres, and with Charlie’s Angel director Mc G at the helm the resulting mash-up is everything you’d expect: brash, loud and spectacularly dumb.

The film opens in spy mode with reckless CIA-agent pals FDR (Chris Pine) and Tuck (Tom Hardy) shooting it out with a criminal mastermind and his gang on top of a Hong Kong skyscraper.

Director Mc G () has toned down his manic editing and loud music cues somewhat, but he's a lame storyteller. We're just rushing from one date to the next as Tuck and FDR sabotage each other with spy planes, tranquilizer darts, etc.

Still, for most of the run time this over-produced adventure works because of the casting.

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