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The deviled egg recipe itself is relatively pedestrian, although it definitely is good.What makes this recipe is the fact that the deviled eggs are served on strips of applewood smoked bacon cooked with brown sugar.Ocampo -is this simply a facet of my unknowably vast, indeed, by all-appearances ever growing swell of ignorance, or does she simply not receive her just due? The Russian Girl by Kingsley Amis – Jesus, I carried this one around forever. It feints a lot at having a broader critique but doesn’t exactly arrive at much beyond, like, secretive government technocrats are shitty, and empathy is good? New York 2140 by Kim Stanley Robinson – Being, like anyone not a complete fucking retard, terrified at the prospect (certainty) of climate change, I really wanted to like this, which essentially is an optimistic view of a post-sea level rise American as encapsulated by a handful of occupants of a water-logged Manhattan apartment building.Based on these short stories, the latter at least seems all but impossible. It’s fine, it’s not bad, it’s like 20 other Kingsley Amis books, an aging academic and a cast of oversexed women and a hint of espionage. Robinson is a good science writer, and a thoughtful guy, and I admire his willingness to try and conceive of the actual effects of climate change rather than just feel super sad like I do (Wah! Will You Please Be Quiet, Please by Raymond Carver – I’m sorry but this just bored the living fucking shit out of me, I respect the craft but I kept wanting to bang my head against the wall, these discrete suburban madnesses SOMEONE FUCKING SHOOT SOMEONE JESUS GODDAMN CHRIST.I’m 33, but like a really foolish 33, so it’s a big step for me, back the fuck off.

Having read these, I was shocked I have never hear of Ms. Napoleon’s last attempt to free France from the tyranny of perfidious Albion falls apart and Napoleon is forced to live out the final brief shred of his life as a humble Parisian fruit seller. Will I Keep It: It’s an NYRB classic, they just look so goddamn pretty on my shelf I can’t help it. I’m a really fucking weird guy, I either want like, the most oddly abstract, nonsensically complex stuff, or I want to have my face straight up shoved into a gun wound. I guess maybe what sort of I didn’t altogether love about this, and obviously this is ceding like, technical skill, a reasonable degree of originality of thought, is that I maybe couldn’t quite figure out what exactly is it’s point? Will I Keep Them: I think I just convinced myself, yes.

All of the other victims of the Manson followers' depravity suffered equally horrifying deaths.

For more than a few people, the Sixties came to a bloody end during those two summer nights in '69.

(My editors later added a link to a news story that mentioned him.) The implication, in any case, that I am a spokesman for my husband -- while not quite as offensive as the implication that my daughter should be raped -- is offensive nevertheless.

Of course, there were some very legitimate disagreements, including two excellent ones from my colleagues Gene Robinson and Richard Cohen, and I take some of their points.

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