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With X.509 certificates, Couchbase Server can strongly encrypt client-server communications and XDCR (Cross Data Center Replication).

When to use X.509 Certificates An X.509 certificate does more than just distribute the public key: it is signed by a trusted (internal or third-party) CA and verifies the identity of the server so that clients know their information is not being sent to a rogue server.

We do not issue low-assurance or domain validated certificates.

Learn more about our policy on domain validated certificates » Digi Cert does not charge or require any special license agreement for the use and/or distribution of our root certificates.

NIDPException: Certification path could not be validated.

For example, as shown in the figure above, the root CA is also the issuing CA.

All certificates immediately below the root certificate inherit its trustworthiness and can be used to secure systems.

You will learn how X509 client certificates can be used with MQTT for an additional layer of security and you will learn about the challenges when using this approach.

We looked at the basics of TLS and MQTT in the last blog post, so we recommend to read it first if you are not familiar with TLS.

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