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It does not matter you are seeking new friends, pen pals, a girlfriend, boyfriend, lover, you can find them through this Saigon dating site!

Saigon123là 1 trang mạng tìm bạn bốn phương đễ kết nối những người độc thân lại với nhau.

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Saigon123is a Vietnamese online dating service that connects singles and personals with each other.

They need to feel like they’re beating their own path in the jungle and no one else will have Facebook photos like they do.

They need to come back to tell everyone about how many crazy things they’ve seen and how much they’ve learned and how you wouldn’t believe it, but people there actually eat duck fetuses and live with their grandmothers and have never had Taco Bell.

An instrumental building during the Vietnam War, the Palace is now open to the public daily from 7.30-11am and 1-4pm; 40,000VND (£1.40).

From here, continue in the same direction up Le Duan, which runs through 30-4 Park (7) (the name in honour of the date that Viet Cong and North Vietnamese troops captured Saigon in 1975, signalling the end of the Vietnam War).

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