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Take a look at our online wedding brochure As elegant as the bird itself, The Black Swan is a unique wedding venue, which combines a collection of styles and architecture dating back to the fifteenth century.

Today the hotel has been carefully transformed to create a stylish and distinctive four star boutique hotel, located in one of North Yorkshire’s prettiest market towns.

Today’s poll points to the gap between support for independence and Unionism narrowing markedly in what will be seen as a boost for Nicola Sturgeon’s government.

A similar survey published last month found 45.5 per cent in favour of independence with 54.5 per cent against – roughly the same result as the 2014 referendum.

But most Scots oppose holding a second independence referendum before the UK leaves the European Union.

But the Prime Minister believed changing the system would be seen as “fiddling the figures” and wants to drive down the number of overseas students. Maybe it's just too hot in the afternoon or you're not quite up to a 90 minute walk? account=13 Take a leisurely stroll through Savannah's picturesque squares with a Southern Gentleman.HOW about 90 minutes resting in the oldest operating theater in America with Savannah Dan in the comfort of theatre seating, surround sound, flat screen monitors and best of all AIR CONDITIONING! Hear the rich history of Savannah spoken in the language of the South.The House of Lords added an amendment to the Higher Education and Research Bill, stating that overseas students should not be treated as long-term migrants.But that was overturned in the Commons today as the Government rushed through the measure before Parliament is prorogued for the election.

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